The Last Swim

The Last Swim...
Of the day!

But I really wanted to color it digitally.
I just finished it and here it is
Hope it brightens your day.

Pink Swan Sunset Art Print, Nursery Decor by Paper Doll Eve

it also makes a perfect gift.

I enjoyed coloring this and it wasn't as hard as I thought was going to be
Which means you will start seeing lots of digital art around here!
Can't wait
Remember to visit again

Enjoy your morning



Hearts And Spirals Doodles. Doodle to art

Fast doodles done with a pen 

hearts and spirals doodle art, drawing by Paper Doll Eve

I absolutely love the multiple line spirals
I always make sure they are messy
This is so much fun

Keeping a sketchbook is a good idea for any artist.
I always come up with ideas on the go 
And just sketch them somewhere. 
Because I have more ideas than I can draw, 
I end up with lots of paper scraps with sketches
That's why I started using sketchbooks 
Though mostly for poems and quick doodles such as this one.

Hearts and spirals must be practiced if we want to do them right.
I practice both enough, always in doodles and backgrounds
Even on my signature.

Feliz Dia De La Mujer Poema

Escribi este poema para felicitar a todas las mujeres
Dizfruten su dia

Las mujeres son fuertes,
Hermosas, finas
Hoy quiero a todas decearle
Felicidad en su dia.



Poems About Death

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Poems about death are some of my favorites to write.
Death is stronger than anything, even love
So poems about death are always the most striking
When well written and if they are not too sad.

How can you write a death poem that is not too sad?
It's all about the tone and the wording,
A good example is a poem I wrote:

This is one of my top 3 favorite poems (I've written),
Everyone I share it with loves it
And I want it to be read at my funeral.

Nobody hasn't dealt with death and everyone has that fear of dying

Use these experiences as fuel for your inspiration
But remember to not write a poem that's going to make everyone cry.

3 Versos Inspiracionales

Si un dia te ves muy sola,
Cansada ya de vivir,
Recuerda que una derrota
En la vida no es el fin.

La vida es una carroza
Pero no todos la gozan.
Disfrutala cada dia
Con cantares de alegria.

Regalale una sonrisa
A aquel quien sonrisa brinda,
A aquel quien te da un regalo,
A todo el que dice adios.

Sonrian amigos :)


"The Romance of Atlantis" a different kind of book review


"One naked truth is worth more than a thousand gorgeously attired lies"   
Salustra Empress of Atlantis.

"Even fools serve a purpose. 
They are the dull background against which the brilliant shine brighter"   

"Here are the priests of a true religion" 
Salustra, talking about her scientists.   

 "Time takes care of everything"   

I decided to share the quotes in two posts to not drive you crazy. Your welcome.
Second post coming soon

Read my poems here: poetry.com


Spring Poem

"Magic Of Spring"

Magic is green
Magic grows tall
Magic of spring
And garden strolls.


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