Beautiful Doilies I did not make!

 Since I started blogging have met  very talented people online! This is new for me because I usually do not talk to people on the internet...I thought I should talk a bit about them in my blog. I joined   http://www.crochethappyforum.com  . At first I was not happy because they made me wait for a day before I could post, I am glad I came back to the forum because I found this gorgeous doilies there, I had to share them!
 The artist's Blog:    http://sandvicrochet.blogspot.com/

Isn't this Peacock Doily just the cutest thing ever? 
I know I want to make one! 

I also love the birdies!

I love Doilies and I love Flowers,
And this one looks like one big flower to me!

The star is so nice! 
I want a star doily!

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