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When I was a little girl I used to love paper dolls,
Called Cuquitas in Cuba where I come from.
All I used to do was draw little clothes for them.
(That and sew tiny outfits for my barbies)
I didn't have time to play with them.
I didn't enjoy playing with them as much as I did drawing the little clothes anyways.
I was more a collector.
I remember once my cousin was visiting and she saw all my paper dolls,
She said that was the most clothes she had seen for any dolls and asked me to play with her.
I was a little annoyed, Then I realized I had never played with them!
And that is where my love for drawing clothes comes from...

I used to have a skirt that looked like this. My mom made it for me. I have never had a skirt I loved more.
It was red a thick material from the legs of some pants she cut! I didn't draw buttons on this one, but mine had three big gold buttons the shape of anchors. My mom didn't have enough fabric for the left front side and that is how the zig zag cut came up! Then she put tiny gold beads all along that seam. Thanks to my mom for making me the skirt. And I want another one...
This skirt I drew last night.

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