How To Make Simple Ribbon Flower. Picture Instructions.

I have fallen in love with ribbon flowers
I am showing how I made tulle flowers 
For a black crochet clutch I just finished.

I bought some baby blue tulle ribbon.

Thread a needle and make a knot
Find the middle of your tulle strip
Weave through the tulle

Cinch tulle 

Finished seam

Before making a knot pull the thread.

Tulle cinched tightly

Sew beginning to end 

Tie a knot
Fix the tiny petals and give them form

Then apply in my case to the bag.

The finished bag.
black crochet clutch bag with tulle flower

Use this flower on 
  1. Headbands and hair ties
  2. Clothes
  3. Pillows
  4. Girl socks
  5. Bags

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