Bella The Paper Doll, Fall Dresses. Bella La Muñeca De Papel. Vestidos De Otoño.

If you have been to my blog once you know I like to draw clothes. 
That craze comes from when I was a kid and used to play with paper dolls.
I mostly did not play but drew outfits for them.
Of course as I grew up I wanted to make the paper dolls for other little girls.
This is the first one I've shared of the ones I've made.
I have more clothes and another doll with the same body that I'm working on.
Also I'm going to color this clothes.

Bella gets invited to all the coolest parties,
She follows fashion closely.

The dresses are for if anyone wants to color them ,
if you do please share them with me 
By posting a picture to my facebook fan page.

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