Fall 2011 Fashion Trends. Fashion Designer. Orange Dress, Tights and Booties Designs.

Orange is so in right now that if you are going to buy a dress buy in it Orange...
 We have seen it in all the runways and fashion shows, and it's going to go strong until spring. 
So you don't have to get rid of your dress after fall. 
This fall skirts are gonna go long (So no more miniskirts for me) 
Anyways I'm in Arizona and it's still hot here so I'm not going to go too long yet...
High lace collars are also going to be popular 
Also polka dots or any circles in your clothes.

I love this time because I can wear my tights, warm stockings (and make some new ones),
Hats and scarves which are of course my favorite accessory 
(As long as they are handmade, preferably by me, or my mom)
And sexy booties!

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