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Fashion templates, Janet Paper Doll, Purple Lingerie, Drawing. Lady Gaga Makeup. Cuquita, Lenceria Violeta.

I've been drawing fashion templates...
And paper dolls ( I love paper dolls)
I actually cut this one out to draw clothes for it.
I don't play with my paper dolls though, I've been a collector since I was a kid. 
This paper doll is gratis so anyone feel free to download her, 
And if you draw her clothes I would love to see them.

Her name is Janet and I love her darling eyes.
They look just like Lady Gaga's in her video
Click on the link if you want to see the video on Youtube.

 I'm not a huge fan of her music, but I enjoy watching her videos.
(I like the psycho) Don't tell her I said that!

Also I loved this shoes she wore on the video

To me they look like a dragon and I like dragons.
Would definitely wear dragon shoes.

Your Paper Doll

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