Filet Dictionary. Letter A Design. Letra A Filet Crochet.

As are easy to draw, 
Also very cute letters, so much different from a plain C, right?

Cool girl names beginning with A:

Abigail: My Bf's beautiful niece.
  Arianna : Beautiful third cousin, also one of my best friends from High School,  both live in Cuba.
Adriana: Somebody...
Alina: A cousin who lives in Cuba.
Amanda:  Blogger, Mosaic Maker:  Amanda's Blog.
April: Old coworker.
Ana: I know so many of them I don't know where to start, woman who gave a ride to work when my car broke down.
Angel: A friend I had in High School, another Cuban name.
Alejandra: Crocheter form Facebook.

For all of you beautiful people whose names start with A.
And speak up if you know any more pretty names starting with As, I'll edit them in my list!

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