Halloween Costume Designs, Belly Dancers, Pirate, Maid, Fairy, Hot Clown.

Trick or treat. 

This beautiful avatar is from a game in Facebook.
Of course when they had a contest to see who drew the best clothes on it I jumped in,
I didn't want the prices, which were just game stuff, 
Anyways long story short I didn't win
Not much to say about the winner other than his name on Facebook was Gay Rat 
and his design was that of a Rat, (I'm sorry for the rats that were offended)
I mean literally ugly clothes, the gay had never designed anything and I could tell ,
Come on I've been doing this since I have memory, so I can tell who hasn't.
After the contest I kept the girl pic and dedicated an album in my website to her outfits.
I never stopped and will never stop drawing.

I have these and many more pics in this Album, the pictures show huge on here so it's good for details. 

Red hot belly dancer with heavy jewelry and gloves. I love belly dancers.
I need to make an actual costume for myself.

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