Catalhoyuk Mosaic. Ancient City Built by Neolithic Hunter- Gatherers.

Hello everyone, its Monday again...
The good news is I'm sharing my mosaic. 
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I am a lover of reading, specially history books
One of the books I'm reading right now is :
"Lost cities of the ancient world" by Joel Levy.
I decided to have a mosaic for the cities I liked the most.

Catalhoyuk: Central Turkey, built by neolithic hunter-gatherers.
Stone age technology.

The city of no streets. All houses were built right next to each other.
People walked on the roofs.

Break: Can you imagine the streets being on your roof! Imagine rush hour,
without the cars of course. The kids playing on your bedroom roof!

Lets's get back to Catalhoyuk. 
There were holes on the roof to get in and out of the house.
They cooked by the hole so the smoke would come out, yet that didn't prove so effective. 
The dead were buried under the living room floor.
Once there were too many ancestors under the floor, they would rebuild on the same floor plan.
Trash was thrown in the spaces in between the houses. 
Walls were decorated with murals, and a variety of figurines have been found.

Anatolian Mother Goddess Cybele.

The Belly Dancer.

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