Knitted purple skinny scarf. Bufanda tejida a dos agujas.

Since I've been looking at old pictures, here is some more.
This lavender skinny scarf is the second thing I ever knitted.
The first thing was the sweater that went with the scarf,
I don't have either of them anymore and no pictures of the sweater.

The sweater was the most beautiful one I've ever seen, I should draw it.
The back and the sleeves were knitted, while the front was crochet, tiny granny squares. 
The front was open and it had a crochet belt.
Around the collar and the sleeves I put a white fuzzy trim.
I gave it to my sister when I left the cold.

This pictures were taken on the first day I saw the snow.
I moved to Michigan from Cuba where it's hot all year long,
I was 18.
The snow was pretty cool at first, so white and shiny. 
I got tired of it quickly though. 

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