Magazine collage. Recycle old magazines. Recycled paper cutout dresses. Recicla tus revistas viejas. Vestidos de papel de revista.

I saw this over at 

In her blog Amanda showed different ways to make a collage,
I went for the easiest one, what she calls Rapid Fire
What I did is ripped out a text magazine page,
Highlighted the words I liked (I couldn't pick just one, or two...)
I colored over all the text I didn't need 
Then added other designs 

Since by throwing a paper away I feel like I'm throwing a tree away 
I wonder what can I do with the leftover paper?
And since dresses is what naturally comes to my mind here is my 
Recycled paper cutout dress
I want to put some of the dresses in a frame!

Recycled paper cutout heart skirt.

Recycled paper cutout skirt with heart belt.

And now I'm hooked, 
I want to make a notebook to keep all my future collage and dresses 
Out of recycled magazines and maybe newspapers.

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