Magazine Collage. How to recycle old magazines and junk mail.

Since before I cut two skirts and no top I had to do one right away.
This one I cut out of junk mail.
I've been wanting to do something with the ads that come in the mail 
Because I hate throwing paper away.

The dress, skirts and magazine words collage I had showed before.
The collage idea came from Amanda's 366Pages sketch book project preview. 

The turquoise paper was an ad that came in the mail.
I instantly loved the color and the patterns on it. 
I glued my paper cutouts to it that way I can make them into a book
And this will be my first page!
I don't know what I should call the book yet 
Even though I'm thinking of something about recycling
All ideas are welcomed!

I want to thank Amanda again for the inspiration 
to sign up for her 366Pages 
Click the link to go to her Etsy Shop

She is also having a giveaway in her blog

Have fun everyone and recycle, journal, draw, crochet and be happy!

The Belly Dancer.

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