Mosaic Monday. D the paper doll outfits mosaic. Mosaico de las ropas de D la cuquita de papel.

It's Monday and hopefully you partied really hard last night.
I've been sewing like crazy...

Mosaic Monday was Amanda's idea.
Click the link to visit her blog

I'm dedicating my mosaic today to my paper doll D.
Since I'm all done with my first two paper dolls D & Bella.
These two were gifts to my sister and my mom
I drew a pink peacock in my sister's paper doll folder.
And watch out for the post coming up about my sister's gift box.

D the paper doll

The best way to get all the free paper doll clothes is going on my website

My mom gifted me a sewing machine and I'm having a sewing marathon!!!
     To sew list
  1. Tote bag
  2. Belly dancer costume with beaded scarf
  3. Purple birthday dress
  4. Clutch bag
  5. Pillowcases
  6. Napkins
  7. Blanket
  8. Skirt
  9. Top
  10. Blanket for my pet bunny

What I've made so far

1 seven napkin set
2 small pillows
3 scarves to be embroidered
1 lingerie mini skirt
And the day just started!

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