Mosaic Monday. My new pet bunny. My conejito. Fairy and pirate costumes for D the paper doll. Dizfraces para D la cuquita de papel.

It's Monday again, but this Monday I'm happier!
I'm happy because I found a little bunny at the park and I brought it home with me!
Someone left three bunnies at the park by a parking lot where there is lots of traffic!
I caught one when I was in my lunch break and put him in my car, 
then later after work I came back to check on the other two and a girl was trying to catch them.
I caught them for her, she said she used to have a bunny but it died :(
I was happy because all three found a house on the same day and didn't get eaten by a snake, 
Killed by a car or some bully kids or something like that.
Sin mas
I think it's a male, his name is Manchita: Little spot in Spanish.
He stole my crochet blanket!

I adopted Mosaic Monday from a blog I follow
Visit her blog everyone and sign up for her one year tutorial of daily prompts!
She will inspire you!
I finished coloring my first collection of paper doll clothes 
I still need to finish the paper dolls, I almost finished D yesterday :)
I just could not resit the urge to draw the clothes first.
Already have ideas and sketches for a bunch more outfits!
This page is my favorite and the one I could not wait to show you. 

I know Halloween has been gone.
But I love costumes all year long and design them all the time.
This one I started before Halloween but didn't know how I was going to do the pirate costume.
I didn't know how to draw a skull either...
I learned so I could draw it on the pirate corset and boy short. 
 The short's skull is good, but the corset skull, the first one I did, looks like an alien! lol

My all time favorite of course is the peacock fairy costume.
It took lots of time and patience and lots of strokes of pens and pencils 
To make the feathers look like feathers!

And here are the shoes:

Pirate boots with hot pink stockings

Turquoise and purple peacock fairy boots
Both my free paper dolls will be ready soon to download on my website!

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