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Conga dancer costume, Lambada skirt, Dance dresses to color. Traje de Conga, Juego de falda para bailar Lambada, Vestidos de baile para colorear.

The Conga dancer costume. Conga is a carnival dance in Cuba The stockings were my idea, of course nobody wears them mid summer in Cuba while dancing. Carnivals are fun weekend long parties on the streets. On Saturday comes the carroza(slow adorned car where girls dance, they have a queen) Behind the carroza comes the Comparsa, lines of conga dancers wearing this costume behind the comparsa come everyone else who want to dance( This is where I fit in)
The Lambada skirt Lambada is a Brazilian song I used to dance to when I was a kid. Somehow the Brazilian know how to make us all dance and Portuguese is certainly a beautiful language, more so when sung. Watch the video, they have the best dancing kids!

Dance dresses to color.
Colored dance dresses

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