Save money, go green, crochet hook holder.

I found a new use for this old jar. 
And a pretty way to hold my many crochet hooks. 
And a way to keep all my beads in one place!
I already love it so much that it decorates one of my living room's shelves.

A plain old jar I could have thrown away but didn't.

I simply put all my beads in it. As you may see there's also buttons,
And pretty much everything that would look good in there.
Or I didn't have a place to store it in. 
The cute pink beads are from an old hair band.
And the big metal bead is from an old broken necklace.
As I was working on this project I decided to cut all the bracelets I don't wear anymore 
To save the beads, which ended up in here. 
I have taken pictures of the dull jewelry that made it in the jar
But that will be another post. 

Not only should you save old jars but also old jewelry.
The beads may be useful in the future.

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