Save money, recycle old jewelry.

These beads went into the jar from yesterday's post.
I feel that I saved them from doom. 
I will reuse them when the right project comes along.

I bought this pretty purse about six years ago.
I loved it and I used it too much to the point that some of the beads were gone,
 Some strings were hanging...
it was in bad shape!

So I cut out all the beads carefully and put them in my jar.

The beads I loved the most were the ones on the handle!
The bag also had a chain handle but I always used this one.

This was a top I absolutely loved from day one. 
I loved the built-in necklace but it was not good for the drier.
I liked the beads more than the rest of the top (a simple tube top with pretty color)
So I decided to cut them out! They will make a great bracelet...
After I get them out my crochet hook holder.

Aren't they lovely? 

These were too big for my thin hand.
It is blurry in my memory whether I bought these or my sister...

The next three are party bracelets.
I call them that because they were all given to me at parties.

The items shown above do not exist anymore 
(other than the tube top without the beads)
But I don't miss them, I saved the best of them!

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