Jessica, A Recycled Dancer Paper Doll To Color.

Meet Jessica, my new recycled paper doll. She likes to dance.
I finished her in a few hours. 
I named her after I girl she looks like. 
Everybody needs an evening gown
I had this particular design stuck in my head for a while.

And here is my masterpiece. 
The lower costume is that of a conga dancer
 Costumes similar to this one are worn by carnival dancers in Cuba.
The costume girls dance on a carroza or carriage,
Behind them come the men playing the music the girls dance to,
And behind them, the comparsa, 
this is a huge train of anyone who wants to dance to some conga.
This is where I came in. I miss carnival time in Cuba. 

The feather boots are without doubt, the centerpiece of this costume.
I drew them to give the costume a more carnivalistic look.
Of course no girl should dance the conga wearing boots
under that unforgiving Cuban sun, I hope there's air conditioning on the blogosphere.

You might recognize the top design to be a belly dancer costume.
There's no shortage of those on this blog.
On this costume I drew my very first tattoo, it had to be a peacock feather.
There's also no shortage of those on this blog.
My obsession with belly dancers and peacocks is no secret.

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