Mother's Day

Mother's Day is Sunday, 11May2014
I want to congratulate all mothers in advance.

Mother's day is celebrated on different dates all over the world
Most commonly during Spring.
And isn't Spring the very best season to appreciate and celebrate motherhood:
The flowers are naturally growing,
The grass is green,
The trees are coming alive,
The air is being cleaned with the rain,
The birds are singing
And in many different countries Mothers are getting gifts and hugs from their children and husbands
And little kids making Mother Day cards by hand
It couldn't get any better.

This will be my second Mother's Day
I'm celebrating how big my little girl is and how much she loves her mama
And her little hugs and big smiles when I get home.
It couldn't get any better!

The celebration of Mother's Day as we know it started in the United States in the 20th century
There has been through the years different celebrations of mothers and motherhood around the world,
Usually celebrating mother goddesses

The Greek Celebration Honoring Rhea Mother Of Zeus
The Greek And Roman Cult To Cybele

In most countries Mother's Day is a celebration derived from the one originated in the United States
Although celebrated on different dates and having different characteristics.
For example in many countries such as The United States and Cuba, my own country
(It's so nice to see the similarities rather than the differences of those two countries I love)
The celebrations are huge with gifts, parties, cards, handmade cards, lots of food etc
In some countries it's nothing more than a little know celebration...
In Cuba Mother's Day is one of the most exciting days of the year together with New Years Eve.

In Cuba it is customary to bring flowers to the cemetery for the mothers who have passed away in your family
This is a beautiful tradition I hope never goes away.
Of course it is the older people who do this, rarely did I see young people or children (such as myself) there
Even in my family only my maternal grandma and the ladies from her generation and I went, not my sister or even my mom
Every Mother's Day I brought flowers to my grandma's mom and sister.
Even though I can't bring flowers to my grandma who rests in the same cemetery today,
I know that her younger sister and nieces will.

I also remember as a little girl visiting my paternal grandma on Mother's Day and going inside her room
And seeing a bed literally full of gifts! This is a sight I will never forget
She had 15 children!
My paternal grandma died when I was very young and I don't have many memories of her
Her family didn't bring flowers to the cemetery because of their religion
But since she was buried in the same cemetery I went with my maternal grandma, we left flowers for her also.

Please share with me how you're celebrating this Mother's Day
Also let me know which country you live in or are from and how this day is celebrated there.
Email paperdollme@mail.com if you'd like me to post your story
Tweet @paperdolleve if email is not for you

Thank you for reading dear friends
And may we meet again.
Your paper doll:

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